HAENIM Smart UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer [The Premium 4th Generation plus] White Metal

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Michael Marimla
Happy parents

Great product! Thank you babyhouse

Game Changer!

Before the bundle of joy arrived, I initially wanted to buy the HAENIM Smart UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer but was given an Avent bottle sterilizer. But with the number of things that needed drying/sterilizing, we decided to purchase the HAENIM. It has saved me many hours and allowed me to spend more time with the little one instead of cleaning/drying. Babyhouse was also fantastic, ordered on late Friday afternoon and was delivered the next business day on Monday morning. HIGHLY RECOMMEND both the product and Babyhouse!

Really great product

Really great product

Eric Chu
amazing quality and great customer service!

amazing quality and great customer service!

Another purchase!

I received the 3rd generation for my baby shower back in 2017 and still using it today! It's soo handy that I have since purchased for my friends! It sterilises and dries so conveniently and the bonus of the large space to sterilise alot of items at once!

  • New Functions!
    • App alerts to remind when you need to change the UV-led light(5~6years life)
    • New Touch Buttons - No more worries about wet fingers damaging your set!
    • Smart Storage (NEW!)
    • Clean Alert (NEW!)
    • Turbo Dry (NEW!)
  • 99.9% Sterilizing Power - Lab Proven!
  • Dries & Sterilizes - No More Air Drying Needed!
  • Large - Saves Time! Up to 16 bottles!
  • Storage Function - Keep Items Sterile with Auto Sterilizing Every 2 Hours
  • Made in Korea
  • Easy to Clean - Simply Wipe with Clean Damp Cloth
  • Easy to Maintain - No need to replace lamps anymore
  • Suitable for Breast Pump parts and any type products
  • Suitable for baby bottles 
  • Fully compliant to Australian standards
  • SAA EMC Approved (RCM)
  • FDA Registered

Specs: 5kg (Set only), with box is 7kg
External Dimensions 29.5cm x 37.5cm x 42.5cm
Dry/Auto Mode: 70W
Turbo Dry Mode: 120W
Made in Korea

Colour: Body: White /  Handle frame: Metal