Bebesia Dolphin Filter Showerhead Set

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Antibacterial Purifying Dolphin Showerhead Set

  • Removes chlorine and chloramine
  • Effectively softens our tap water by filtering hard metals like iron & rust
  • Proven to minimise/improve Eczema conditions
  • Nano Silver provides strong antibacterial effect
  • Tourmaline Balls create negative ionization reducing skin dryness and soothing itchy skin
  • Eliminates harmful microrganism, viruses, mold & E.Coli Bacteria
  • Far Infrared beads expand your capillaries and stimulate blood circulation and oxygen
  • Stimulate the body’s immune system, relieve fatigue & improve metabolism
  • Easy to install as it fits all standard showers
  • Each set comes with 4 filters which will last averagely for 1 year depending on water condition
  • Made in Korea

Set Includes - 

  • 1 x Dolphin Showerhead
  • 4 x First Stage Filter (Recommend to change every 3 months)  
  • 1 x Sprinkler Plate
  • 6 x Second Stage Micro Filter 



Customer Reviews

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Loving it

My one year old son's skin condition is looking a lot better. He loves the dolphin design and wants to shower himself with it.