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 · The product is to support you for a short time period to carry the baby.
 · Baby care goods that support repeated hugging and putting down babies in a short term.
 · Heart-to-heart hugs enhance physical and mental communication with the baby.
 · Wear the ANAYO support bag in the same position as you carry the baby.
 · When holding the baby on your side, widen the shoulder straps.
 · Solved the discomfort of the typical baby carrier that was heavy and buckley to wear.
 · Reduced the weight with compact size.
 · Comfortable support when hugging a child growing up to 20kg.
 · The portable pouch allows more convenient travel and storage.
 · When mom and dad are using it alternatively, use size table to remember the adjustment size.
 · Made in the best size, similar to the palm of your hand for convenient support of hugging and putting down the baby.
 · The correct method of wearing is that the end of the butt pad does not exceed the thighs.
 · Safety anti-fall webbing straps
 · Anti-slip fabrics are used in the lining to prevent the baby from slipping easily.
 · After adjusting the length, roll the lengthened string to make it clean.


 · When using the product, you must support the baby with one arm.
 · There is a risk of falling due to careless use of the product.
 · Do not use it on baby who is under or above the recommended age range.
 · When using the product, pay attention to the condition of the baby all the time.
 · If there is a risk of falling, support the baby with two hands.
 · Before wearing the product, check the condition of buckle, belt etc.
 · If it is not fixed properly, stop using it.


 · Light washing of the product will maintain its fabric color longer.
 · In the water temperature of under 30°C, put it in laundry net and lightly wash it soley.
 · Using neutral detergent is recommended.

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