HAENIM UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer [The Premium 3rd Generation] Blue

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Haenim Dryer and Multi Sterilizer

Super Mirror Stainless and Beautiful Design! Available in 6 colours: Metal silver, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Silver

Why Haenim?

1. Using UV of the Sun which is EXCELLENT Sterilizing Power

2. PTC Heater which has EXCELLENT Drying Power

3. EXCELLENT to Sterilize Baby Products up to 99.9% and Drying Power of 100%


-Made in Korea

-Dual OSRAM Lamp UV Lamp

-No Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

-99.9% Sterilizing Power Certificate

-30dB Low Noise


-Wide range structure (fit 16 Baby bottles inside)

-Use to sterilize other house hold items

-Use anywhere outside home

-Cute and beautiful design


-Check operating time on the FND

-Can choose Auto Mode

-UV Function

-Fan Function


-Dual OSRAM UV Lamp 8W (4W+4W)

-Save on Electricity (PTC Heater 80W)

Made in Korea

Colour: Blue