HAENIM UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer [The Premium 3rd Generation plus] Metal Silver

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Haenim Dryer and Multi Sterilizer

Super Mirror Stainless and Beautiful Design! Available in 6 colours: Metal silver, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Silver

Why Haenim?

1. Using UV of the Sun which is EXCELLENT Sterilizing Power

2. PTC Heater which has EXCELLENT Drying Power

3. EXCELLENT to Sterilize Baby Products up to 99.9% and Drying Power of 100%


-Made in Korea

-9 uv led lamps

-No Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

-99.9% Sterilizing Power Certificate

-30dB Low Noise

  • Fully compliant to Australian standards
  • SAA EMC Approved (RCM)
  • FDA Registered


-Wide range structure (fit 16 Baby bottles inside)

-Use to sterilize other house hold items

-Use anywhere outside home

-Cute and beautiful design


-Check operating time on the FND

-Can choose Auto Mode

-UV Function

-Fan Function


-9 uv led lamps -  no more replacement of lamps

-Save on Electricity (PTC Heater 80W)

Made in Korea

Colour: Metal Silver




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great product and highly recommended.

Renielyn Gonzales
The Best

I cannot say anything negative about this sterilizer, this has made our lives so much easier and cleaning bottles and putting it in the sterilizer and go has never been so much fun to do.I highly recommend this product I have searched everywhere to find the perfect sterilizer that would make my life easier and save myself from the hassle of drying for so many hours leaving it on your kitchen desk for so many hours and bottles taking over your kitchen and microwave sterilizer are so hot too and can only fit a couple. With the Haenim Sterilizer all bottles are ready in no time and fast delivery from Baby House too! And oh gosh it can hold a lot of bottles(I have 10 bottles) and other things together it is always a chocka all the time!

best steriliser

So convenient and user friendly! Good size and holds alot of bottles!

Kerry Meng
Very good steriliser

The best UV Baby Bottle Steriliser I have ever used. Plenty of space for bottles and feeding accessories. All items are completely dry after sterilisation.

minjung lee
Amazing products!

It is very easy to use. I love it. thanks