MULTTARO Original Wet Wipes Cap Type[40pcs*12set]

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Highest premium fabrics 100% natural rayon Natural rayon fabric is glossy and smooth texture and low irritation than general fabric so when to clean the baby face and hips. If you pour in dry tissue, you can make wet tissue Dry tissue is not at all harmful components, you can create and use secure 100% wet tissue if you pour water when you go out.


  • Pure water eliminates all of the ingredients that cause corruption. It does not add any chemical ingredients, so baby skin, hands and mouth can be safely used.
  • Before 12 months of age, the time of skin barrier formation, if baby use a wet wipes containing chemical ingredients, unnecessary chemical components may enter the body and reach the brain.
  • Water and tissues Separately! Because it is a way to put water on a dry tissues, it can be used without chemical ingredients.
  • Pour ultra pure water into the tissue paper that comes with it and use it safely for 5 days!
  • Made in Korea

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Hue Quan Ly

Love it

di fang
soft tissues

I was looking for a safe wet tissue for my baby. very good product