Why all products are made of 18mm thickness wood?

Why all products are made of 18mm thickness wood?

Wood is the most ancient and commonly used building material, especially when it comes to making furniture.

My Duckling Kids furniture choose 2 different types of woods to meet every customer's need.

Premium 18mm Solid Rubber Wood

Wood has historically been the choice material for crafting furniture.

The industrial revolution changed things for wooden furniture, though. Alternative materials, cheaper to mass produce than wood, like steel, plastic, and aluminum were introduced to the market.

However through the years, even as its production declined, solid rubber wood furniture has only grown in prominence.

There was something timeless about furniture made from rubber wood. An aesthetic that has retained its relevance from the age of Pharaohs through present day.

What we use when making our solid kids wood furniture, i.e. learning tower, tables, chairs and bookcase etc is the18mm solid rubber wood. Rubber wood are stronger, more durable and long-lasting. We stand behind our craftsmen and offer a lifetime guarantee on all our kids wood furniture. It perfect for kids furniture. The solid rubber wood is much stronger than artificial woods. It would have no trouble supporting your childs safely.

As you can see, solid rubber wood kids furniture is worth the investment!

No matter what house or apartment you live in, a piece of rubber wood furniture would benefit the overall aesthetic.

With the proper care, rubber wood furniture will last for long time to come and its value will only go up.

High-quality 18mm Plywood

With the advancement in technology and due to its the dearth, wood was replaced by the products that functioned like wood, had almost a wood-like look and solved major purposes that a wood would. Well, with the passage of time, these products too went through a lot of transformation. The resultant is, today we get to see various artificial wooden products available in the market such as block board, plywood, MDF, particle board, etc. All these artificial wooden products are extremely popular in the market. The best part of these products is, they can be used with a fewer number of joints. Hence, majority of them are used in the form of furniture. Among these, plywood has undoubtedly remained on the top.

We find that most kids furniture often made using plywood in 12mm or 15mm thickness range. However, all our products are made of 18mm plywood, which is more durable and safe.

Bear in mind that for imparting strength to any element, it is the thickness of the plywood that will matter the most. It could be possible that your design may be good and the size selection would be appropriate that would take care on ‘no wastage’, still, if you should opt for a ply of lesser thickness, that will affect the strength of the element. In other words, you will not get the expected toughness and durability. This will result in bending or improper functioning. Hence you need to be careful while purchasing plywood, particularly when you considering the cost factor.

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